Our Mind candle has fragrace notes that are specifically aimed to relax and de-stress, the room will have a woody, herbal accord opening with lime, grapefruit, orange, lemongrass, green leaf, galbanum, cedar leaf, fennel, pine, spearmint, eucalyptus and lavender with floral heart notes of lily, jasmine, rose and violet with spicy clove on a base of cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, tonka and vanilla.


Due to the pandemic it is hard not to see people that are struggling with their mental health. Our aim from now until mental health awareness week, (which is from the 10th-16th May 2021) is to raise as much awareness to this cause  and help anyone that is feeling alone. We have teamed up with Mind in Salford to raise as much money as we can. Therefore we have made a limited edition candle for the Mind cause with the profits from each sale going in the right place. 


If you know us you know we don't do much colour, however there is no better reason to add some colour to a candle. The colour blue represents and creates feelings of open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence. A perfect colour for a perfect cause.


Comes gift wrapped.

Mind in Salford is an independent, user focused charity providing vital services to make a positive difference to the wellbeing and mental health of local people.


They represent the voice of Salford in campaigning to dispel stigma and influence political, social and cultural change around mental health.


Above all, they put individuals first and are deeply committed to helping people struggling with their mental health get both support and respect.


If you would like to learn more about their services, you can speak to a member of their team by calling 0161 710 1070 or by emailing info@mindinsalford.org.uk.

The MIND Candle